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Basic Information

Organizer Korea Orienteering Federation
Date 2022-04-30 ~ 2022-05-11
Entry Open 2021-12-29 00:00 KST (UTC+09)
Normal Entry Deadline 2022-03-08 23:59 KST (UTC+09)
Discipline FOOT_O
Distance SPORTident card

Details & Contact

Event Organizer

IOF Senior Event Advisor    MURAKOSHI Shin(Japan)  

Assistant Event Advisor       OCHIAI Kimiya (Japan)  

National Controller                 CHA Yoonsun (Korea)



Event Director LEE Chulseung 

Organizing Support LEE Yongsook  

Administration Support AN Gyeongsub  

Installation Support SEOK Gyeongsoo  

Technical Director KWON Ohsam  

Mapping AHN Sangyoon  

Competition Operation KIM Taesun  

I/T Part LEE Sangbok  

Event Secretary SO Byungjo  

Event Management YANG Eunil  

Promotion OH Jihyun  

Translation & Sightseeing PARK Mikyung  

Event Center manager LEE Chulseung



Date Program Venue
April 30 (Thu) Arrival, Accreditation & Registration Kensington Resort  
May 1 (Fri) Model Event(Sprint, Middle) Hwarang village
May 2 (Sat)

Sprint Distance

Opening Ceremony  


Kensington Resort

May 3 (Sun) Middle Distance Heunghae  
May 4 (Mon) Rest Day(Open Event & Sightseeing) Gyeongju city
May 5 (Tue)

Middle Distance Relay

Closing Banquet  


Kensington Resort

May 6 (Wed) Departure  


Competition Classes

AsOC&AsJYOC Elite Classes

  Individual (Sprint / Middle) Middle Relay (3 Legs) Age Limit
Elite Classes M/W 16E M/W 16E Born in or after 2004
M/W 18E M/W 18E Born in or after 2002
M/W 20E M/W 20E Born in or after 2000
*M/W 21E M/W 21E No Age Limit

*Registered participants will be eligible for the Asian Cup points.

  1. All competitors must be citizens with passports fromthe country theyrepresent.
  2. Competitors representing the IOF member federations, defined by the International Olympic Committeeas belonging to the Asiancontinent, can competein AsOC&JYOC.
  3. Competitors representing the IOF federations of other Member States or other Asian countries can participate in AsOC&JYOC but are not eligible for Asian titles,medals or diplomas.
  4. Federations mayenter up to 10 menand 10 women in M/W21Elite class and 6 men and 6 women in M/W16E,M/W18E and M/W20E of the individual competitions, however, only 6 men and 6 women can startin the M/W21E individual classes.
  5. In the Middle Relaycompetitions, a federation may enter a maximum of 2 teamsin each gender category, but only the better-placed team will be counted in the prize list.
  6. In M/W 16/18/20 E class, if a federation is unable to form fullrelay teams (evenwith women running in men’s classes), it may form incomplete teamsor mixed teamswith runners fromother federations. Underno circumstances may persons otherthan entered competitors participate in the competition. Teamswith runners frommore than one federation are not placed on the official result list.


Age Classes

  Individual (Sprint / Middle) Middle Relay Age Limit
Ages M/W 12 - Born in and after 2008
M/W 14 M/W 14 Born in and after 2006
M/W 16A M/W 16A Born in and after 2004
M/W 18A - Born in and after 2002
M/W 20A M/W 20A Born in and after 2000
M/W 21A M/W 21A No Age Limit
M/W 35 M/W 35 Born in and before 1985
M/W 40 - Born in and before 1980
M/W 45 M/W 45 Born in and before 1975
M/W 50 - Born in and before 1970
M/W 55 M/W 55 Born in and before 1965
M/W 60   Born in and before 1960
M/W 65 M/W 65 Born in and before 1955
M/W 70 - Born in and before 1950
*Family *Family -

* Family classes must include at least one child (Bornin or after 2008) and are not limited to sex or numberof people. In the relay game, three families form a team.

  1. Age classes are open to all participants.
  2. The Organizer has the rightto integrate classeswith fewer than 4 competitors.


Embargoed Areas

All competition areas have been embargoed from September 1, 2019. 


1. Sprint Distance Event : 


(N36.011369, E129.322417)


2. Middle Distance & Middle Relay Event : 


(N36.096711, E129.392569)



Maps & Terrains

Sprint Distance – POSTECH(Pohang University of Science and Technology)

Scale: 1:4,000 / Contour Interval 2.5m

New map produced in 2020 in accordance to ISSprOM2019

The Sprint competition will be held at the university campus.Many university buildings, such as lecture hall, research center, and dormitories, are arranged. And auxiliary facilities such as sportsfacilities, landscape facilities, parking lots, ponds,and vegetation areas also exist.

School facilities are located on a gentlesoutheast slope (50m Altitude) and Vegetation areas have generally good visibility and runnability. But some are natural forests,so it’s hard to run a little.

There are severalroads and parkinglots in thecampus. There is not muchtraffic, but the competitors must be carefulof access to the vehicle.You should also be care about making the noise around the dormitory.


Middle Distance & Middle Relay– Heunghae

Scale: 1:10,000 / Contour Interval 5m

1:7,500 enlargedmaps for juniorand senior classes(in open classes) New map producedin 2020 in accordance to ISOM2017-2

The middle and middle relay venues, with the exception of some areas, consist of relatively gentle terrain with altitude 40 meters or less.

The narrow valleysand small forestpaths have been developed, requiringdetailed map reading. And there are many pine trees and bamboo. Visibility and runnability are generally good, but deviations varyby area. Generally, it is a gentle terrain,but there are some steep slopes,closed quarries, deepwaterways, etc., so care mustbe taken.

Old maps of the terrain will be uploaded to the AsOC&JYOC website.


Competition Information

Competition Rules

The 2019 International Oriented Federation Foot Orienteering Competition Rules, with Appendix 9 for the Asian Orienteering Championships and Appendix10 for the Asian Junior and Youth Orienting Championships are in effect.


Punching System

The SPORTident system will be used in all competitions.

Rental of SPORTident card may be arranged upon request with a rentalcharge of KRW 10, 000 won per card for all the competitions.

The card shallbe returned to the organizer at the end of thecompetition. KRW 60,000 will be charged on each card lost or damaged.



For AsOC&JYOC 2020, thereis no clothing regulation. However,full body coveris recommended for both middleand middle relay distance event.No spikes are allowed in the sprint distance competition.


Preliminary course information

The preliminary course information is as follows:

  • Sprint:
Class Winning Time (min) Class Winning Time (min) Class Winning Time (min)
M16E, M18E M20E, M21E 12 ~ 15 W16E, W18E W20E, W21E 12 ~ 15    
M12, M14, M16A, M18A, M20A, M21A, M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70 12 ~ 15 W12, W14, W16A, W18A, W20A, W21A, W35, W40 W45, W50 W55, W60 W65, W70 12 ~ 15 Family 12 ~ 15


  • Middle Distance:
Class Winning Time (min) Class Winning Time (min) Class Winning Time (min)
M16E, M18E 25 ~ 30 W16E, W18E 25 ~ 30    
M20E, M21E 30 ~ 35 W20, W21E 30 ~ 35
M12, M14 20 ~ 25 W12, W14 20 ~ 25 Family 20 ~ 25
M16A, M18A, M20A 25 ~ 30

W16A, W18A W20A, W21A W35,W40

W45,W50 W55, W60  W65, W70

25 ~ 30
M21A, M35, M40 30 ~ 35
M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70 25 ~ 30


  • Middle Relay:



Per Team



Per Team



Per Team
Winning Time (min) Winning Time (min) Winning Time (min)
M16E, M18E 90 W16E, W18E 90    
M20E, M21E 105 W20E, W21E 105
M14 60 ~ 75 W14 60 ~ 75 Family 60 ~ 75
M16A, 75 ~ 90 W16A 75 ~ 90
M20A, M21A M35 90 ~ 105 W20A, W21A W35 90 ~ 105
M45, M55 M65 75 ~ 90 W45, W55 W65 75 ~ 90


Model Event

The sprint and middle modelevent will be held on May 1, 2020 in the samevenue.

It will be held on Hwarang village and nearby forests, and technical model events will be held at the same venue.

The official package includes cost of the model event.

For non-package-using competitors, a map will be purchased (KRW 12,000) at the Event Center on the model event day.



The Organizer and all participants must comply withthe IOF anti-doping rules during the AsOC&JYOC 2020 competition.



The climate of Pohang City,where the competition is held, is a marineclimate, and in Maythere is oftena small amountof topographical precipitation due to the northeast wind and humid air. Temperatures usuallyrange from 10 to 26°C, and sometimes rise to 30°C.

The average temperature in Pohang on May is as follows(°C.)

    May 1 May 2 May 3 May 4 May 5 May 6
2019 Ave. 18.0 19.2 17.0 16.9 22.7 14.4
High 24.8 26.2 19.9 20.2 29.6 21.4
Low 13.3 13.1 14.4 13.3 14.6 11.4
Weather cloudy sunny sunny sunny sunny cloudy
2018 Ave. 16.4 14.0 14.9 17.0 21.4 16.3
High 18.8 15.5 20.2 23.2 28.3 19.9
Low 14.3 13.2 11.2 9.9 14.8 14.7
Weather sunny rain sunny sunny sunny rain

Entries & Payment

Package fees are shown as follows.

    Normal Entry (Jan1 to Feb 29, 2020) Late Entry (Mar 1 to 31, 2020) Included

6 night


In: April 30

Out: May 6

KRW 600,000 KRW 720,000
  1. All entry fees
  2. Yo (Korean-style mattress used as a bed on the floor) withfull meals (except lunchof May 4)
  3. Closing Banquet
  4. Official Transportation
  5. Souvenir
  6. ModelEvent
5 night KRW 500,000 KRW 600,000
Package without accommodation and meals   KRW 150,000 KRW 180,000
  1. All entry fees
  2. Closing Banquet
  3. Souvenir
  4. ModelEvent
Transportation Package   KRW 10,000 KRW 12,000
  1. Round-ticket of 3 races and Model event
  2. Arrival and departure days’ roundticket (from- to   Shin-Gyeongju station

orGyeongju Bus terminal)

The entry fees of individual races are shown as below.

  Normal Entry (Jan1 to Feb 29, 2020) Late Entry (Mar 1 to 31, 2020)
Sprint KRW 30,000 KRW 36,000
Middle KRW 40,000 KRW 48,000
Middle Relay KRW 30,000 KRW 36,000
Model Event KRW 10,000 KRW 12,000

Normal entry is fromJan. 10 to Feb. 29, 2020. Late Entry is from Mar. 1 to Mar. 31, 2020.

Entry deadline is Mar. 31, 2020

We don’t receive the application from Apr. 1.


Entryforms will be available at the official website thereafter. (

The completed entry form shall be sent through email to Official invoices and receipts may be provided upon request.

The organizer reserves the right to deny entriesif incomplete information is provided.


For overseas entries, payments are to be settled by telegraphic transfer. Please make payments to the following account:


  • Beneficiary: Korea Orienteering Federation Beneficiary Bank: ShinHanBank Pohang nam branch
  • Bank Address: 98-46 Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongbuk South Korea 
  • Account No.: 100-032-851945
  • Swift Code: SHBKKRSE




Visa Requirement 

For information for visa requirement to visit Korean, please check with the website of  

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea



Each competitor participates in the event at his/her own risk. We recommend you obtain  

personal health and/or travel insurance prior to travel.



Korea Orienteering Federation

Yugang-gil 17(3F), Yeonil-eup, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsanbukdo, Korea 37656  

Telephone: +82 275 1867 Facsimile: +82 277 4878  

Website: Email: